Alexandra Copeland

You Can Never Have Too Many Bowls

Exhibition at Weft, from 20 July, 2019

“One of the delightful things about a life in ceramics has been working with other artists, designers and potters. The bowls in this exhibition are collaborations with potters Roberto Domiziani (Deruta, Italy), Wayne Hathaway (Dartington, UK) and Ken Lu (Singapore via Jingdezhen, China). Most pots were designed by me, but in Dartington the pots were designed by Janice Tchalenko (wave bowl) and Clare Woodhall (cone bowl).

I believe that in the kitchen and dining room there is always room for one more bowl.”

Exhibition open Saturdays and Sundays to 28 July.

Open any time by appointment.

1. Cat and Mouse. Majolica Earthenware.

50cm dia. $1500


Bowls 2→

2. Plum Blossom. Stoneware. 28cm dia. $450

3. Powerful Owl. Stoneware. 32cm $450

4. Loquats. Wave Bowl. Stoneware. $450

5. Ming Jar. Porcelain. 23cm. $220

6. Frog with Grasshopper.

Cone Bowl. Stoneware. 31cm $900

7. Blue Swimmer Crab with Key.

. 31cm dia. $450

Cat with Spotted Pardelote.

36cm dia. $450