Alexandra Copeland

Dartington Pottery

Devon, UK

Stoneware 1997- 2003

I had a studio residency at Dartington Pottery for two months each year from 1997 to 2003. The Pottery had been founded by Bernard Leach who worked with traditional oriental stoneware glazes.

In the 1990s Dartington Pottery had developed high temperature coloured glazes that suited the way I worked. Most of the work was sold in England, but I’ve had these stored away.

All work is for sale.

Cone bowls

9 Crowd Scene. 31cm dia. $450

10  Frogs with Spawn. 24cm dia. $350

11  Frog with Grasshopper.

24cm dia. $350

12  Nasturtiums with Pond. 24cm dia. $350

13  Bat in Loquat Tree.

24cm dia. $350

14  Rosehips with Pond.

24cm dia $350

15  Chicks.

24cm dia. $350