Big in Japan

An Exhibition of plates and platters by

Alexandra Copeland



"Two months in Deruta, Italy, gave me new techniques and new possibilities. But after four years of constant productive work I found that the majolica technique that I had developed was too hard on my painting hand. In 1997 we packed a lot of pots away and took a year travelling in Europe. I was taken to Dartington Pottery in Devon by friends who thought that I would be interested in the way they glaze painted on pots there. I was, and spent two months working at Dartington with high temperature stoneware glazes. I returned there seven times, each time producing work that was shared between England and Australia. The majolica work left has mainly remained in storage until now..."

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10. Polka.

11. Nelly Kelly with Datura.

All 33cm majolica platters $350 each.

12. From Vanity series.

13. Good Dog.

14. From Circus series. 1

15. Magnolia Grandiflora.

16. Pink Hibiscus.

17. Canna Florets.

18. Cat.

19. Dog.

20. Cats with Wool.

21. From Circus series. 2

22. Pineapple Lily with Cicada. 1

23. Pineapple Lily with Cicada. 2

24. Pineapple Lily with Cicada. 3

25. Two Dogs.

34. Edward Lear series. Barbary Ape.

27. Greyhounds.

28.  Dogs with Fish Bowl.

29. Cherubs.

32. Persian Scene. 1

33. Persian Scene. 2

Platters 26-34 are 37cm dia, $450.