We first went to Afghanistan in 1972. It was a peaceful kingdom, medieval in some ways, but relatively progressive and liberal. It was also a pivotal state in the Cold War, bordering the USSR and China. We’ve seen a coup, revolution, invasions and privation. But we have made long-lasting friendships, and have had the chance to handle some of the most beautiful art made by any people.

Alexandra is an artist and designer. Her ceramics are held in major Australian and international public collections. Over the last thirty years Alexandra has made regular visits to England, Italy and China to work in ceramics studios. We always have some of Alexandra’s exhibition ceramics on display at Weft Gallery.

Twelve years ago we started a project to have Afghan women make carpets to Alexandra Copeland’s designs. The weavers were enthusiastic, and so were our clients in Australia, but the weavers were dispersed when they were forcibly sent home after the defeat of the Taliban government, and we’ve struggled to keep the project alive since then. You can find rugs with Alexandra’s designs at Weft Gallery.

We still manage to find interesting old rugs and textiles, and we have a large archive of rugs and textiles accumulated over many years.




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